Iron Showers

As Israeli soldiers continue fighting in the Gaza Strip, personal hygiene is not a priority for the military. Yet taking a periodic shower helps soldiers recover from battle fatigue, fight potential bacterial infection, and improve moral and effectiveness. To bridge this gap, a group of civilians came together to build portable showers and chemical restrooms for use in the conflict zone. Individual units asked, and the Iron Showers team delivered a portable platform to be used in any location, any condition.

Each shower platform has 4-6 shower stalls, water containers, a pump and water heater and is completely self-contained. Hyper efficient showerheads, typically used in RV’s, allow for 200 individuals showers at full water tank capacity.

Iron Showers provides soap, towels, and other cleaning supplies to ensure the system is completely self-sustained. The entire platform is modular and with easy access to all components – maintenance is designed to be fast & easy. Broken or damaged parts are replaced, and the platform rapidly restored to full functionality. Damaged parts are taken to the workshop, where volunteers fix and returned to storage inventory – to be used in new platform or as future replacement.

To date, Iron Showers have built 20 hygiene platforms – most are showers but some are portable biodegradable restrooms. There are urgent requests to rapidly build an additional 20 platforms. Our goal is to fund the parts needed for these platforms.

All construction labor is done by volunteers, at no cost for labor, storage, power, or tools. The only cost is for parts. Each platform requires $6,500 of parts and can be built within three days.

Help us fund the next 20 Iron Showers plaforms 

We need to raise a total of $130,000 for the 20 platforms. All donations may be tax deductible and are made through the AID Israel Coalition, a 501c3 nonprofit organization (EIN: 93-1616002). 100% of your donation will go towards purchasing parts (a 2.9% fee is charged for credit card donations).